Auteurs : Romeela Mohee, Revin Panray Beeharry

Life cycle analysis has been used to compare the environmental performance of di€erent sugarcane bioenergy systems. Environmental performance indicators such as resource consumption, chemical stressors and ecological health are used to analyse the trade-o€ between options. The reference fuel chain is based on current practices in Mauritius whereby bagasse in excess of sugar factory requirements is used to generate electricity for the grid. An alternative option uses the excess bagasse and factory ®lter cake to produce compost which when applied to the sugarcane plantations increases cane yield by up to 30% but at the expense of surplus electricity production. A third option combines improvements in steam management with composting of bagasse/®lter cake. Results obtained from the comparative analysis show that it is possible to improve both the production of raw sugar (by 30%) and surplus electricity (by 190%) while reducing environmental stress as measured by the prede®ned eco-eciency indicators.

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