Auteurs : Yuan-Song Wei, Yao-Bo Fan, Min-Jian Wang, Ju-Si Wang

The current situation of municipal solid waste (MSW) and sewage sludge production (in terms of volume as well as composition) in China is introduced. Composting and compost application in China are reviewed. In China, the production of municipal solid waste and sewage sludge is changing rapidly along with economic development. Composting is mainly applied for treating MSW, about 20% of the total amount of MSW being disposed. MSW composting is mainly co-composted with night soil or sewage sludge. Compost is used in agriculture, forestry and horticulture. Compost application is the key factor influencing the composting development in China. To promote composting and compost application in China, a state-wide survey on the production, composition and physical and chemical properties of MSW and sewage sludge should be carried out. More effort should be made to develop low cost and high efficient composting technologies according to China’s conditions. The environmental impact of compost application should also be given more attention.

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